Can you ride an Electric Scooter in the Rain?

Jan 27, 2023
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The short answer is yes, you can ride an electric scooter in the rain only if your specific scooter is water resistant. We recommend checking your scooter manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications for riding in wet conditions.

Are Electric Scooters Rain Proof?

No electric scooter is entirely waterproof. That being said, most electric scooters are water resistant and therefore are rainproof to a certain extent. However, different scooters have varying levels of water resistance; some are more resistant to water, while others are more susceptible to water damage.

Generally speaking, all scooters have their electrical components and batteries protected by a silicone or plastic covering, which helps tremendously prevent immediate water damage. Although this may be the case, there are brands of electric scooters that are more protected and made for more extended periods of water exposure. Therefore, we recommend that if you live in a city where it commonly rains or snows, like Vancouver, you pick your electric scooter wisely as some brands will damage much sooner than others.

Tips for Buying Water-Resistant scooters:

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The higher the IP rating, the more resistant that electric scooter is to water damage. IP ratings such as IPX4 are only resistant to light misting or rain, while ratings like IP6 are resistant to long exposures of rain. If you are planning to ride in the rain often, we recommend purchasing an electric scooter with larger tires, and an excellent grip to avoid any slippage.

Water Resistant Scooter

Here are some electric scooters that we recommend that are water resistant:

The Emove Cruiser has an IPX6, is perfect for long-range commuting in the rain

A trusted and reasonably priced electric scooter. With an IPX5, it’s an electric scooter that can achieve safe riding in the rain.

Best Electric Scooter For Snow

If you are looking for an all-weather commuter scooter, we recommend:

With an highly respectable IP66 rating and a triple suspension system, if you live in a rain/snow-heavy city, this electric scooter will have no issue riding through the rain or snow. Aside from its best rating for all-weather EVs, its also available in Canada!

Waterproof Scooters

Although no electric scooter is entirely waterproof, electric scooters with water protection ratings of IP above seven can resist shallow (1-3mm) water immersion for short periods. We do not recommend ever testing your electric scooter’s resistance to water immersion; always stay away from puddles or any water depths with your electric scooter regardless of its immersion rating. Electric scooter warranties rarely cover water damage.

Scooter Rain Protection

Some tips for general rain protection protocols when riding your electric scooter:

  • Dry your electric scooter after you ride in the rain
  • Always wear a helmet
  • Wear shoes with proper grip
  • Wear proper water-resistant clothes
  • Slow down and be cautious in rainy weather
  • Wear goggles or some form of eye coverage to see properly in the rain
  • Always keep the scooter light on for maximum visibility 
  • If leaving your EV unattended for any period, make sure it is under some cover and not exposed to rain

It’s also worth noting that aside from having a water-resistant electric scooter like the ones we recommend, it is essential to ensure that your brakes and tires are in good condition for riding in wet conditions. So get your electric scooter checked out every 1-3 months if you ride often.

Electric Scooter Repair
The Takeaway

If you live in a city where it commonly rains or snows, like Vancouver, you can ride an electric scooter as long as the model is made for such wet weather conditions. We recommend you follow our tips and steps to ensure that you don’t damage your electric scooter or, more importantly, that you have a safe ride.

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