Electric Scooter vs. Electric Bike: Which One Should I Buy?

April 6, 2024

Electric scooters and electric bikes have gained immense popularity in the last couple of years, rightfully so. They are convenient vessels for efficient and fun transportation, and both have strengths in their respective ways.

Summer is around the corner, which means it’s the perfect time to finally pull the trigger on buying one or the other. When it comes down to choosing between the two, which one is the better option for your specific needs?

This blog compares electric bikes and scooters, offering insights that will help you make an informed decision.

image showing the wheel of an electric bike and an electric scooter

How Much Do Electric Scooters and Bikes Cost?

The most commonly asked question regarding electric vehicles is their price point. Let’s break down the difference between the two when it comes to purchase price and maintenance.

image of two electric scooters on city grounds

Electric Scooter Price

Electric scooters typically have a lower entry price, starting from around $650, and generally range into the mid $1000’s. That being said, when you look at better models, they can cost upwards of a couple thousand. 

You can expect a generally cheaper and lower maintenance cost for electric scooter service. This is due an electric scooter’s simpler design and less moving parts. The smaller battery and fewer mechanical failure opportunities make for a cheaper and faster service.

Electric Bike Price

Electric bikes start from $999 and generally range from around $2,000-$3,000. Each model and brand have their unique look and design. There are generally two types of electric bikes: 

  • Cruisers: meant for commuting through the city
  • Performance e-bikes: meant for speed and agility


When getting an e-bike service, you can expect to spend more than an electric scooter. This is because e-bikes have more complex components and are usually driven on rougher terrain. This results in increased wear and tear on brakes and tires, which are most costly to repair. Other maintenance services include brake pad replacements, chain lubrication, gear adjustments, mirror adjustments and more. 

Which Has Better Range and Battery Life?

Battery life and range are one of the most important factors to consider when choosing between the two. You can estimate the normal distance you would travel with one charge, and purchase accordingly.

image of a man changing the battery on an electric bike

Electric Scooter Range and Battery Life

Electric scooters are more suitable for shorter commutes, with most models offering an average range of 15km to 45km on a single charge. However, high-end models can reach up to 100+ km in range. Battery capacity typically ranges between 250Wh and 500Wh.

Electric Bike Range and Battery Life

On average, e-bikes range from 40km to 110km on a single charge. Some models exceed 150km in range depending on the frequency of pedal-assist used and conditions during ride. Battery capacity for e-bikes ranges from 400Wh to 700Wh for most models, with high-end models holding batteries up to 1000Wh or more. 

Are Electric Scooters or E-bikes Easier to Use?

a woman and a man riding electric bikes alonside a sea wall

Portability and Storage

  • Electric bikes are less portable and more challenging to store due to their weight and bulkiness. 
  • Electric scooters are easier to store and more portable. They are considerably lighter, and can be folded and stored away nicely, which is ideal for commuters with limited storage space.

Health Benefits

In terms of exercise-friendliness, electric bikes take the point. The user still needs to ride the bicycle, which takes effort but has the advantage of pedal assistance, allowing for a customizable workout intensity. On the other hand, electric scooters offer no exercise benefits but are more suitable for leisurely commutes. 

Making your choice

Should I buy an Electric Scooter?

Consider purchasing an electric scooter if:

  • You value portability and ease of storage
  • You’re looking for a more budget friendly commute vehicle
  • You have relatively shorter daily commutes or want to use a scooter for a quick and fun ride

We recommend the RPM wide wheel electric scooter. It has an incredibly smooth ride, with proper spring suspension, which is a key factor that we recommend you look for in the scooter you’re want to purchase. A suspension will make all the difference when riding anywhere on the road.

Should I buy an Electric Bike?

Consider purchasing an electric bike if:

  • You have longer commutes
  • You desire to ride over different terrains
  • Budget is less of a concern and, you’re looking for a safer and more secure form of transportation
  • You’re seeking both exercise and convenience

We recommend the VSETT 9+. With its 70km single range and 26 inch tires, you can rest assured that riding on any surface will not be a problem, and will be a comforting ride.

If you’re wondering whether e-bikes or electric scooters are worth it, consider our analysis and guidance before making a decision. We believe you will be happy with either one, but it’s important to make the right decision based on your specific needs. Consider which terrain you will be riding on, your average range, and your portability preferences.

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Can electric scooters and bikes handle inclined hills?
  • Electric Scooters: suitable for moderate inclines, depending on motor power
  • Electric Bike: can handle hills much easier due to more powerful motor and gear systems.
Which is more cost-effective for daily commuting, and electric scooter or electric bike?
  • Electric scooters are more cost-effective due to generally lower initial purchase price and lower maintenance expenses. That being said, compared to a car, both will save you immensely especially in the long run.
Which is better for my physical health, an electric scooter or e-bike?
  • Definitely an electric bike will offer more physical activity due to its need for pedalling to move forward. An Electric scooter on the other hand does not offer any physical exercise.
Which one is easier to store, an electric scooter or electric bike?
  • Electric bikes are harder to store due to it being heavier and bulkier, although some models can fold in half. Electric scooters are more portable and lighter, making it much easier to store in a storage or even carry on public transport. 

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