What are common e-scooter issues and how can I fix them?

Sep 26 2022

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Electric Motor Scooters:

Electric scooters are gaining tremendous popularity, rightfully so. They are a great fun, efficient, and new alternative form of transportation. In addition, electric scooters are a perfect in-between compared to other common forms of transportation, such as driving, walking, and bussing.

Benefits of electric scooters:

- A compact piece of machinery (easily storable)
- Easy to charge
- A convenient and efficient way to commute
- An environmentally friendly way to get around town!
- You are free to go on whichever path you choose
- Super fun to ride

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Electric Scooter Repair:

As with any electric machinery, the technology is not bulletproof. Servicing your escooter is something that is bound to be needed. If you consistently use your electric vehicle for commuting, chances are that sooner or later, your EV (electric vehicle) will need some form of repair or maintenance.

Guide to common e-scooter issues and how to fix them:

Whether it’s for a flat tire, brake adjustment, or any other reason, rest assured that getting your electric scooter fixed is easy. There are many options as to what to do; some options are more cost-effective than others, and other options may cost a tad more but will result in a longer-lasting outcome.

Common E-scooter Problems:

- Faulty brakes/brake pad
- External damage: water damage, lighting issues, defective kill switch, ignition fuse is flipped
- Internal damage: faulty motor controller, motor overheating, dead battery, defective power switch
- Flat tire

Your options for repair

Professional Ebike and Escooter repair/maintenance:

Your best bet is always to hand it to a professional. A professional electric vehicle repair company can fix any problem you encounter, some of which include:

- electric motor repair/replacement
- battery replacement
- mechanical repair
- wheel alignments
- brake adjustments
- flat tire repair
- throttle and regenerative brake repair
- lighting repair

If you are in searching for a local repair shop, search for Electric scooter repair near me on google to find the nearest repair shop.

Return to distributor:

If your distributor is nearby and the issue you face is not easily solvable, then sending your electric vehicle back to the distributor can be a good option. Keep in mind that this option only works if the proper coverage is valid from the time of purchase and if the distributor has a repair policy.

DIY (do it yourself):

Although not always recommended, some minor issues can be solved at home if you are knowledgable about repairs. If you insist on trying to solve the problem at home, searching videos or tips online can lead you in the right direction. That being said, it’s essential to remember that most problems must be professionally fixed, and that trying excessively to resolve an issue on your own can potentially lead to more damage.

The Takeaway:

Escooters are a new and improved way to commute! They are fun to ride, easy to maintain, and cost-effective relative to other forms of transportation. However, although it's fun and easy to own, an electric scooter is bound to need some state of repair.

Getting regular checkups for maintenance on your electric vehicle is a reasonable precaution. As with any electric vehicle, regular maintenance can prevent future complications from occurring in the first place. Otherwise, if you experience issues with your electric scooter, contact your local electric vehicle repair shop for professional assistance. If you are ever in doubt about what help you may need, do not hesitate to call your local shop for service!

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