How to Lock an Electric Scooter: The Best Locking Methods

Oct 30, 2022

Electric scooters are relatively light and compact machinery, making them an easy target for thieves. Therefore, if you own an electric scooter, it is worth taking precautions about how you lock and store your escooter to avoid getting it stolen when left unattended.

In general, with scooters, we recommend not leaving them unattended in public for any time. But if you must, then be sure to use the proper lock and techniques when doing so. Electric scooter theft is an ongoing issue and is becoming more frequent. There are multiple ways to lock your escooter; some are safer than others. This blog will cover the best options and tips for locking your scooter.

Elecric scooter front view outdoor on city street

Physical E Scooter Locks

There are a variety of traditional bike locks that come in many sizes and different materials, but are commonly made from hardened steel. 

Your Options:

U Lock or D Lock:

More resistant to bolt cutters

electric scooter U lock
electric scooter D lock

Cable Lock:

Light and easy to store

electric scooter wire lock

Chain Lock:

Light and easy to store

electric scooter chain lock

Although cable and chain locks may be more common, we recommend using a U-lock for your scooter due to its strength and durability. In addition, cable and chain locks are more susceptible to being cut or broken using external force like a bolt cutter.

Electronic Escooter Locks

electric scooter electronic lock with phone app

Electric locks are a new and modern theft prevention mechanism that some scooters have pre-installed! Gotrax electric scooters are known to be among the best theft-proof electric scooters on the market, including a digital lock and code lock built in! 

Your Options:

  • Electronic sound alarms: alarm sounds when the cooter is moved during the lock period
  • Electronic brake disc lock: locks the brake disc to prevent any wheel movement (a more difficult lock to install)
  • Electronic lock: locks throttle of the scooter, immobilizing it so the wheels can’t rotate
  • Remote starter: you can physically turn the scooter on and off using an app on your phone


Although these “modern” alternatives may seem attractive, they are not theft-proof. We do not recommend them over a physical lock, simply because the scooter can be lifted and taken away in its entirety, compared to a physical lock which the thief has to break (with great effort) to release the scooter.


Additional E Scooter Tracking Option:

A GPS tracker is an extra precautionary step if you are willing to pay a small premium. In the unlikely event that your scooter gets stolen, a hidden GPS tracker (like an Apple AirTag) is an in-genius way to track where your scooter is. 

person powering up electric scooter

7 Tips on Securing Your Electric Scooter:

  1. Use the physical lock on the scooter’s more durable and secure parts. Try feeding the lock through the folding portion of the frame close to the front wheel.

  2. Avoid locking it on vulnerable parts of the scooter that are easily detachable or breakable, such as the wheel.

  3. Ensure that the pole you lock the scooter on is secure and not wobbly.

  4. Avoid dark and vacant areas. Instead, lock your scooter in a busy spot near shops and stores.

  5. Shorten the time that you leave your scooter unattended. The longer you leave your scooter alone, the greater the chance it gets stolen.

  6. Store it indoors as much as possible. Avoid leaving it unattended in any circumstance! This is the best fool-proof way to ensure your electric scooter is never stolen.

  7. Writing down the scooters serial number is a far-fetched but possible handy option. In the unfortunate event that your electric scooter gets stolen, you can notify nearby stores and look at new, used electric scooters for sale, using your serial number to distinguish your stolen scooter.

The takeway

As obvious as it may sound, not leaving your electric scooter unattended is always the safest option. Plan your e-scoot rides and think ahead of where you might be leaving your electric scooter if you are to leave it alone. In addition, ensuring a proper locking system, leaving it in a safe area, and shortening the time you have it left it unattended will decrease the chances of your electric scooter getting stolen!

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