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VIG Blade Pro Electric Scooter


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The award-winning VIG Blade Pro Electric Scooter is notable for three things: high-quality components, abundant features, and a high price-performance ratio. What you get on a Blade Pro rivals and often exceeds the quality and number of features on other high-performance rides like the Kaabo Wolf King GT Pro and Dualtron Storm. However the Blade Pro costs significantly less, so it’s a better overall value.

Blade Pro electric scooter is a solidly-built, high-performance scooter not intended for first-time riders. But for those graduating from an anemic, entry-level e-scooter, it makes a fantastic cruising and urban/suburban commuter or off-road thrill ride that offers exhilaration as you’ve never experienced.

  • Folded: Length × Width × Height: Approx. 51 × 18 × 10 in (1300 × 480 × 260 mm)
  • Net Weight: Approx. 35kg (77lb)
  • Max. Payload: 150kg (330lb)
  • Frame: Aerospace-grade forged aluminum alloy
  • Ground Clearance: 8 in (203 mm)
  • Drive System: AWD (Dual-wheel drive)
  • Max. Speed*: 85km/h (52 mph)
  • Typical Range*: Approx. 80 km
  • Maximum Hill Grade: 40°
  • IP Rating: IP68 (battery and controller), IP55 (motor and brakes), IP67 (display and turn signals)
  • Nominal Motor Power: Dual 1,500W (2,250W peak), total 3,000W (peak 4,500W)
  • Motor Type: German-designed brushless
  • Torque: 87 N.m (770 in-lbs)
  • Duration of Charging (Single Charger): 6-12 hours
  • Nominal Battery Capacity: Blade Pro: 60V 28.8Ah (1,728Wh) LG Cells
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: Blade Pro: 60V 28.8Ah (1,728Wh) LG Cells
  • Tire: 90/65-6 28cm (11”) x 7.6cm (2.5”) tubeless, self-healing, pneumatic tires for street or light off-road use (off-road tires available)
  • Suspension: Independent front and rear KKE 165mm (6.5″) hydraulic, adjustable on Blade Pro
  • Brake System: Hydraulic disc, electronic assist
  • Lights:2,000 lumen front headlight, deck-mounted LED light strips (orange), deck-integrated turn signals (front and rear), rear tail light with brake indicator. Available high-mount external turn signals.
  • Display: Blade: Minimotors EY3 monochrome, backlit, LCD display
    Blade Pro: 3.5” colour TFT, integrated USB charging port (5V/500mA), 5 backlight brightness levels

Warranty: The following components are warranted to be defect-free and warranted against damage from water and moisture for 24 months from the date of delivery:

  • throttle
  • controller
  • frame
  • stem and handlebars
  • display
  • electrical wiring and components
  • throttle

The following components are warranted to be defect-free and warranted against damage from water and moisture for 12 months from the

date of delivery:

  • hub motors
  • battery
  • charger



Blade Pro handles curbs, speed bumps and most off-road terrain divinely, thanks to it’s combination hydraulic + spring suspension on both wheels, which you can adjust to suit your weight or preferred softness. These are actually the same shocks as on the Nami Burn E2! Big, self-healing, 11″ (3″ wide) tubeless pneumatic tires hug the road. Braking is extremely responsive, with hydraulic front and rear brakes. Blade Pro is ideal for larger riders, being able to handle rider up to 150kg (330lbs). And if you’re tall, the adjustable stem can raise the handlebars up to 104″, higher than almost every other scooter. The handlebar grips are are grippy rubber, contoured and with just the right amount of softness (plus they lock in place so won’t rotate). Off-road, knobby tires are available, even a seat, if that’s your thing.


A 60V powertrain fuelling twin 1,500W motors for a combined 3,000W of sustained power (4,500W peak). It’s enough to get you to 85km/h or 52mph…more importantly it will get you up virtually any hill you’ll come across. And with a 29Ah (LG) battery, you’ll enjoy range of up to 80km per charge*.


Because even the dual 600W Aesir models (Aesir and Aesir Plus) have fairly zippy acceleration, all models are equipped with hydraulic disc brakes (just like higher-end bikes).

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