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VIG Yrsa Electric Scooter


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VIG Yrsa Electric Scooter is not just another commuter e-scooter. It’s a lightweight, folding, portable scooter with several safety features and a large enough motor to take most people up most hills. However, its big claim to fame is its suitability for riding in the rain and through puddles, thanks to a truly incredible IP68 rating of the removable battery module. It’s a solidly-built commuter scooter that is largely maintenance-free, thanks to its solid high-elastic rubber tires that will never get punctured and go flat, and drum brakes sealed inside the wheels with an IP55 rating.

  • Folded: Length × Width × Height: Approx. 48 × 26 × 23.2 in (1210 × 650 × 590 mm)
  • Net Weight: Approx.  23 kg (50 lbs)
  • Max. Payload: 120 kg (265 lbs)
  • Frame: Aerospace-grade forged aluminum alloy
  • Ground Clearance: 4 in (105mm)
  • Drive System: RWD (One-wheel drive)
  • Max. Speed*: 40km/h (25 mph)
  • Typical Range*: Approx. 45km (28 miles)
  • Maximum Hill Grade: 20°
  • IP Rating: IP68 (battery and controller), IP55 (motor and brakes), IP67 (display and turn signals)
  • Nominal Motor Power: 500W 
  • Max. Motor Power: Approx. 800 W
  • Duration of Charging (Single Charger): Approx. 3-5 h
  • Nominal Battery Capacity: 10.4 Ah
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 48 V
  • Tire: 10″ high elastic rubber honeycomb solid tires
  • Suspension: Front fork double shock absorbers
  • Brake System: Mechanical drum, front ,and rear plus E-ABS anti-lock system
  • Lights: Front headlight, rear tail light with brake indicator, handlebar-mounted manual LED turn signals
  • Smartphone app: Available for iPhone and Android operating systems

Warranty: The following components are warranted to be defect-free and warranted against damage from water and moisture for 24 months from the date of delivery:

  • throttle
  • controller
  • frame
  • stem and handlebars
  • display
  • electrical wiring and components
  • throttle

The following components are warranted to be defect-free and warranted against damage from water and moisture for 12 months from the

date of delivery:

  • hub motors
  • battery
  • charger

Safety, Ergonomics and Comfort

  • Turn signals that are bright and mounted high enough for everyone in front of you and behind you to see.
  • Front and back mechanical drum brakes.
  • Dual front shock absorbers.
  • Large, adjustable rearview mirror.
  • Bright front headlight and rear taillight, plus reflectors on the sides.


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